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Matrox: Frame Grabbers

Matrox CronosPlus
Matrox CronosPlus is an entry-level, ultra low-cost frame grabber for standard analog monochrome or color video acquisition.

Matrox Meteor-II
Ideally suited for cost-sensitive applications, Matrox Meteor-II is a frame grabber that supports capture from standard analog video sources and provides real-time image transfer to system or VGA memory.

Matrox Morphis
Matrox Morphis is a new, cost-effective peripheral board that features a dual-decoder design for fast camera switching, supports simultaneous acquisition of two live video streams, and includes real-time JPEG2000 compression/decompression accelerator.

Matrox Meteor-II/Multi-Channel
Designed to capture from standard or variable analog monochrome or component RGB frame scan sources, Matrox Meteor-II/Multi-Channel is a frame grabber that offers acquisition flexibility and real-time image transfer to system or VGA memory.

Matrox Meteor-II/Digital
Matrox Meteor-II/Digital is a flexible frame grabber that supports capture from frame and line scan sources including multi-tap configurations, and offers real-time image transfer to system or VGA memory.

Matrox Meteor-II/1394
Matrox Meteor-II/1394 is an IEEE 1394-to-PCI adapter board for simplified, high-performance digital video capture.

Matrox Meteor-II/Camera Link
Matrox Meteor-II/Camera Link is a flexible frame grabber for digital area or line scan video acquisition that provides a simple standard connection to digital imaging devices using the Camera LinkCM interface specification.

Matrox Helios XA
Matrox Helios XA is a high frequency and high fidelity analog frame grabber with powerful pre-processing capabilities and a high bandwidth PCI-X bus interface.

Matrox Helios XCL
Matrox Helios XCL is a complete Camera LinkCM frame grabber with powerful pre-processing capabilities and a high bandwidth PCI-X bus interface.

Matrox Orion
Matrox Orion frame grabber is the ideal choice for basic color or monochrome imaging applications. It supports standard color/monochrome video capture and integrates a display section based on the award-winning MGA G400 graphics controller, providing leading edge graphics features and performance.

Matrox Corona-II
Combining flexible video capture and display on a single PCI board, Matrox Corona-II captures from RGB or monochrome cameras and integrates the Matrox G400 graphics controller with Dual Head display.

Matrox Genesis-LC
Matrox Genesis-LC frame grabber offers exceptional flexibility for interfacing to a complete range of cameras and input devices. It also supports simultaneous acquisition into PC memory and features an integrated true-color display with pseudo-color non-destructive overlay.

Matrox: Software
Products include a highly-optimized imaging library with a common API across our entire hardware line. Designed for rapid application development, this field-proven library has over 300 functions. Additional software includes an interactive Microsoft® Windows®-based prototyping tool and a camera interface utility.

Matrox: Stand-alone Systems
A unique combination of embedded PC technology, compact size and ruggedness make Matrox Imaging's stand-alone platform the ideal solution for cost-sensitive machine vision, image analysis and video surveillance applications.

Matrox: Frame Grabbers
Hardware ranges from basic boards designed for very cost-sensitive applications, to frame grabbers integrating flexible, high-rate acquisition and leading-edge display technology. All products combine maximum functionality and unbeatable value.

Matrox: Vision Processors
The Matrox Odyssey family of vision processors represents the culmination of vision processor design, delivering unprecedented performance and value. Powered by G4 PowerPC™ technology, and the Matrox Oasis custom ASIC, the Matrox Odyssey family of vision processors is capable of processing over 120 BOPS.

Dindima: Spectrum
Digital color imaging system for SEMS(Scanning Electron Microscopes). Developed using the CSIRO coloring concept.


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