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The SuperSleuth line of products incoroporate over 15 years of imaging expertise to provide you with intelligent video surveillance systems. With intelligent video analysis SuperSleuth is more effective than conventional CCTV systems, therefore saving you time and money.

SuperSleuth will save you time by collecting the data that YOU want. Specific areas can be zoned and monitored for activity. That in effect will reduce the amount of data captured, displaying to you only what you are interested in, rather than having to go through hours of footage.

SuperSleuths VMD(Video Motion Detection) functions on video analysis rather than light changes. Therefore its is less susceptible to false trips.

GEViCAM Ethernet Cameras
We are focused on Gigabit Ethernet technology as our camera platform, adding over 20+ years of industrial camera design and manufacturing experience, and making the cameras to the highest performance.

SuperSleuth: Wise
Ideal for Small Businesses, Homes, Offices, Warehouses and Factories. Operates as a standalone system and is suited to single camera operations. Provides storage of images and transmission. Includes VMD(Video Motion Detection), loitering detection as people counting as an optional extra.

SuperSleuth: Minder
The Minder System is for the protection of vacant properties, building sites and restricted access areas. The primary advantage of the Minder System is the ease of installation, no need for power or telephone cabling. The system is entirely self contained which makes it easy to transport from one location to the next.


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