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Is one camera enough?

YES. The truth is that there are never enough cameras, as there are so many areas, including different rooms, corridors, front and back door, back yard and so on. Unless you plan to protect all those gold bars at Fort Knox, it would be a waste of money.

Imagine that you are a burglar. Is there a place that you would definately not miss? Thats the place. In a home, this would probably be the lounge, with the TV and Hi-Fi equipment. Ins a business, it would be the cash register area. Other areas include the computer room and expensive merchandise areas.

Hence, the answer is YES, one camera is enough. For extra deterrents, dummy cameras make an excellent addition around the premises. With the installation of a c amera, the next step is... How to address your loss problem?

How do you address your loss problem?

Product Categories

The SuperSleuth line of products offer complete Video Surveillance systems with intelligent VMD(Video Motion Detection). Special features include loitering detection and people counting! As well as the usual features such as storage and transmission.

Dindima is the exclusive Australian distributor of Matrox Imaging products. Matrox are renowned for cost-effective imaging solutions. Also featured is Spectrum, a Digital Color Imaging System for Scanning Electron Microscopes developed by Dindima using the CSIRO coloring concept.


Do I need video surveillance?

Is one camera enough?

How do you address your loss problem?

What system do I need?

How much do I have to spend?

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Also visit Australia's largest supplier of well priced security equipment! They have a large range of wireless surveillance equipment, including wireless color cameras and wireless black and white cameras. Also stocked are an extensive range of wired security products, including video door phone, color cameras, cctv cameras, camera lenses and car equipment.