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The SuperSleuth Wise is an Intelligent camera that detects intruders and stores hundreds of images. Download to PC directly or via telephone line or mobile network.

Traditionally, video surveillance or CCTV has never succeeded in the small business and residential market. This is due to the complexity and more importantly cost and installation of CCTV systems. To be effective, a video surveillance system must be able to detect motion. It must then record the alarm image. If the system is monitored, it must be able to dial out via the telephone line and transmit the alarm image.

The above requirements implies the traditional CCTV System consists of a camera, motion detector, time lapse video recorder, monitor, video transmitter and coax cable wiring. This system is too expensive for many business and homes, let alone the need to change tapes everyday! SuperSleuth Wise has solved this problem by creating an intelligent Video Surveillance camera that is leading the marketplace in this technology.

SuperSleuth Wise has features second to none:

  • Compact
    SuperSleuth Wise comfortably fits in the palm of your hand. It measures 95 mm wide, 110 mm high, 45 mm deep and weighs only 200 grams

  • Time Lapse Mode
    The camera may be programmed to capture consecutive images from between 1 to 9999 seconds

  • Video Motion Detection
    Wise has one of the most advanced video motion detection capabilities of its kind. Its ability to analyze images rather than simply looking for ‘differing shades’ makes this capability a most powerful feature. Its complex video algorithms prevent false triggering under difficult or complex lighting conditions.

  • Adaptive Video Motion Detection
    A unique feature that provides the camera with the ability to NOT store unnecessary images when an over population or unrealistic image is present.

  • Violence Detection (Optional)
    A unique feature, predominantly used in elevators, will trigger an alarm when abnormal behavior is recognized in a confined area.

  • Loitering Detection
    A unique feature that will collect images when inappropriate behavior in a given area is detected. Ideal for detection of graffiti, damage to bus stands etc.

  • Monitor mode
    This feature allows the camera to capture alarmed images onboard its flash memory but NOT transmit them. The feature is ideal when confidential images are not to be transmitted to a monitoring station but may still be needed for later download.Â

  • On-board Image Storage
    Wise can typically store up to 2500 low resolution B/W alarm images depending on image complexity and onboard program settings. The images are stored in a rotating database. Colour or high-resolution images up to 700 depending on image content and multiple alarms.

  • Time / Date stamp
    All images in the database are time/date stamped for alarm time confirmation. Images are also given a unique number for database retrieval. Image searches may be made on on time, date or reference number.

  • Remote Image Download
    Wise may be programmed remotely from any telephone and Images may be viewed live. Alarms may be diverted to a mobile phone or to a monitoring station where they may be interrogated. Images are in .tiff format so are easily sent via e-mail or distributed in soft copy.

  • People Counting (Optional)
    Super Sleuth Wise also has People Counting ability (optional). Uni or bi-directional counting with hourly analysis and 36 day history. Effective between 2- 15Metres. All security features may be activated after hours locally, or remotely via modem. Duress alarm remains active during people counting mode

  • Minimal Installation
    Wise is supplied with Auto Starting software that leads the operator through set of simple steps to setup the receiver software.

  • Windows-based Software
    The software is Windows based and will run on all existing windows platforms. Image databases may be easily manipulated to provide flexibility of storage.

  • Remote alarm
    On alarm Wise will dial either of two preprogrammed phone numbers and download all alarmed images to that site.

  • Onboard Security
    To safeguard access both locally or remotely to images and programming, there are four levels of passwords.

  • Flexible Programmability
    To simplify setup and operation, Wise is supplied with default settings. These may be overridden with many programmable options to customise user preferences.

  • Optional lens angles
    Wise is supplied with standard 35 degree lens. This provides good viewing angle for most applications. A variety of lens angles are available on special order. Pin hole lens is also available.

  • Colour or B/W
    In applications where colour is not necessary and maximum image storage quantity is required a black and white sensor may be fitted. B/W will also provide night vision when Infra red lighting is provided. Wise may be fitted with optional infra red illuminators that provide a 1M range.

  • GSM Network ready
    The RS232 output from the Wise camera may be connected directly to a GSM phone network. This provides full remote capability for vehicles, mobile applications or remote locations.

  • Remote Switching
    There is an onboard relay within the camera that is fully programmable via the receiver software. This enables the user to switch a variety of applications from a remote position. Via the phone line, the operator may manage a variety of functions ie: Activate/deactivate an existing alarm system, energise/de-energise local lighting, lock/unlock security gates or doors etc.

  • Modem reboot
    To alleviate the possibility of modem lockup preventing a dial-out when an alarm is activated; Wise will regularly restart the modem and confirm its connection and rediness to transmit an alarm. This ensures that any electrical interference’s or software problems are cleared so as not to prevent a dial-out in case of alarm.

  • Low Voltage Operation
    Wise may be operated off low voltage DC as low as 6VDC (should the modem reboot or remote control feature not be required). Under normal operation Wise will be fully functional with 12VDC and uses only 180mA. In some applications it is possible to switch ON power to the camera only when images are required. A low voltage Battery may also be used to maintain operation should the AC power be cut.

GEViCAM Ethernet Cameras
We are focused on Gigabit Ethernet technology as our camera platform, adding over 20+ years of industrial camera design and manufacturing experience, and making the cameras to the highest performance.

SuperSleuth: Wise
Ideal for Small Businesses, Homes, Offices, Warehouses and Factories. Operates as a standalone system and is suited to single camera operations. Provides storage of images and transmission. Includes VMD(Video Motion Detection), loitering detection as people counting as an optional extra.

SuperSleuth: Minder
The Minder System is for the protection of vacant properties, building sites and restricted access areas. The primary advantage of the Minder System is the ease of installation, no need for power or telephone cabling. The system is entirely self contained which makes it easy to transport from one location to the next.


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